Qurate is a revolutionary, patent-pending process that combines your smartphone communications with individuals into one queue based on the person you connected with, not the platform you connected with them on.

Ryan O’Neil, entrepreneur and Founder of Qurate, is also CEO and owner of Logos Identity Branding, a visual design firm that works with graphics, music, websites and branding. Ryan has a bachelor’s degree in business administration and a master’s degree in Educational Theory and Practice. He has knowledge of how a business works and how people work. He is meticulously devoted to administrative details of businesses and works heavily in creative marketing.

"Qurate is a business designed to make communication about the person rather than the platform. Starting with our iPhone application, we are taking back human relationships to what they were meant to be. The application will be such that your communication streams from social networks, emails, and messages will be brought together based on the person communicated with. You’ll be able to see your interactions with each person no matter what platform that you used to communicate with them. Technology was designed to facilitate communication between people. Now that it has done it, it’s time for technology to move out of the way and let our conversations be about the friendship with the other person."

Communication has always been the sole connection between two people. For thousands of years, there have been two forms of communication: hand-written and verbal. With the surge of media platforms that have arisen in the past 20 years, humans have become disconnected. While we are saying things now more than ever yet, our communication is in the worst state it has ever been. Our conversations have become about the medium rather than the message. It’s time to change."

The first phase of Qurate deployed in 2013, was approved by Apple for distribution, won First Place in Dream Big America and was highlighted on Fox2News. Phase II of the product is currently being developed for a Fall Launch and already has Apple’s approval on the new features.


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