ChurchMentor is a non-profit corporation founded by Dr Fred Childs and is focused on mentoring 21st century leaders. The Company’s objective is to equip and enable our membership partners to fulfill their leadership role as God has called them to do. We will help you fast track your development as a leader, by sharing resources it took us decades to actualize. The Company’s mission can be summed up quite simply: We are all about developing exceptional Christian leaders at every level or position in their secular and spiritual lives.

Fred and Monica are the CEO and President respectively of the Childs Ministry Group. Fred holds multiple Associate degrees. He has B.A. in Christian Education, a Masters in Business Administration and a Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership and Administration. He is a recognized authority on the topics of leadership, teamwork, and continuous improvement. He has over 12 years experience in Design Engineering and 9 years in Global manufacturing.

He has traveled extensively and consulted with hundreds of businesses and churches internationally. Fred is a seasoned and ordained minister with over 30 years experience. Much of his time has been spent in bi-vocational roles. He has been a senior pastor for 18 years and has also served as Administrator and Executive Pastor of several large churches in North America. He is a highly respected conference keynote speaker and seminarian, holds numerous awards and certificates, and is a behind the scenes player in multiple success stories.

He is the co-author of Administrative Continuous Improvement, a book developed exclusively for Ford Motor Company and its Tier 1 (Top 27) supplier companies. He has authored and published the Fast Forward leadership series, Church Leadership Essentials Volumes 1&2, The Upside Down Church, Beyond Imagination, and Are You Ready for Your Healing?  He is presently involved in writing curriculum for The University of Biblical Leadershipwhich will be an online leadership university.  Dr. Fred is a managing partner in Gifting with Purpose. He also serves as Chairman of Mission India, a thriving missions work consisting of a large compound and facilities, a Bible school, a school for almost 900 students, and over 80 churches at this time.


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