FinishLine is an Event Task Management and Tracking System designed to create a model of an event that is repeated often. All tasks, and who-what-how information is saved and can be reloaded at any time into a new event. This Cloud based system includes colorful and meaningful information displayed as icons making managing the event, task, and resources much simpler and easier on the eyes. Tasks are easily created with the "fast task entry" feature, ie., no more clicking 3 times to create 1 task!

Hugh Plappert, architect and CEO of FinishLine, started his career assisting teachers in Moweaqua, IL High School how to use TRS-80 Model III computers while attending Pana Christian Academy. At Apostolic Bible Institute he programmed one of the first microcomputers used by a ministry of the United Pentecostal Church International in 1982 as part of a work scholarship.

In his 32 years of Information Technology consulting, where he developed, enhanced, and supported high quality data systems with optimized code and tools, his two primary areas of expertise are in resource management (project management and budgeting) and database marketing.



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