Hy-Conn www.hy-conn.com, located in Ashdown, AR, supplies Pro Edition Quick Connect/Quick Disconnect adaptors to fire departments across the US and eventually Worldwide. This adapter allows a firefighter to connect the hose to a hydrant in less than 3 seconds and disconnect in 1 second, transporting water in a fraction of the time conventional methods take.  

Additional applications in the fire industry currently being developed by Hy-Conn are (i) a Home Edition that is designed for the average home owner made from glass filled nylon, and (ii) an Oil & Gas Edition for refinery and gas plants to be used as a closure or a cap to replace what’s known as the blind flange, allowing a cleaning pig to be inserted into the line.  

Affiliates are located in South Carolina, Arkansas, Indiana, Illinois, Vermont, New Jersey, Idaho, Missouri, and Costa Rica. Additional affiliates and distributors are being set up across the US, Canada, and Central America with applications for several other affiliates being processed.

Jeff Stroope jeff.stroope@hy-conn.com / 501.606.2181, founder and CEO, left his job in the oil & gas industry to work full time on Hy-Conn.  Jeff has over eighteen years’ experience in firefighting.  He has been an Asst. Chief, training officer and is currently a firefighter on the Fire Department where he lives.



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