The idea for Occupational Chaplains of America was born during the very first LifeSprings Summit in 2013. OCA was officially founded by Neal Bennett in 2015. Based in Wisconsin, OCA provides personal assistance programs to employees, for small businesses (500 employees or less). Employees connect with our chaplains through weekly, on-site workplace visits. Income is produced through annual business agreements. Our Employee Support Services are a blessing to employees/families, the business, business owner and their entire community! 

Currently, we are serving several cities throughout Wisconsin and Minnesota. Our hope is continued growth to increase our financial support for the endeavors of LifeSprings.  

Some consider OCA a business, while others see us as a ministry. However you view our services, we are certainly unique. With over 332 million people living in the United States we are the ONLY organization in the U.S. placing spirit-filled chaplains inside the workplace on a weekly basis, which is quite amazing!! 










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