The Mission

The Mission is to provide a new perpetual funding source to the United Pentecostal Foundation (UPF) for the Purpose of substantially augmenting the financial support for UPCI Missions, Education and Humanitarian projects.

The Fundamental Process

​The Membership is growing every month and is comprised of successful business professionals, business owners / leaders, entrepreneurs and most anyone who has a shared vision to financially support the Kingdom. The membership talent, expertise and resources are leveraged to help Build or Acquire companies where the CEO / Business owners are agreeable to contribute 50% of their company’s net profits to the UPF. The Investment Capital, whether from a Lending Institution or Private Investment, will be repaid first and thereafter 50% of all future net profits will be committed as a perpetual funding source to the UPF.

Examples of areas to help founders of new business ideas include:

  • First, we learn of a business needing Capital or a Business "start up"
  • Secondly, we review the business plan with the Business Leader/Owner to assess the Leadership and the ROI
  • Thirdly, we look for "the agreed upon" Investment Funds
  • The Leadership/Owner agrees to (i) pay back the Investment from first profits, and (ii) thereafter pledge 50% of profits to the UPF
  • The Leadership / Owner gets to choose how they want their pledges used: Missions, Education or Humanitarian
  • The Investor may have influence with the Leadership / Owner of where to use their pledges
  • If the business sells or IPOs, 50% of the gain goes to the UPF
  • The UPF disburses pledged funds accordingly
  • The Leadership / Owner updates the website “blog” associated with their respective business